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Are you one of those people who complete characters lines in movies? Do you always know the lyrics to any song? Are you a walking talking Shazam? If so, Song Pop will be just your thing. Song Pop Game is a true godsend for music lovers out there – compete with your friends and family to discover who is the ultimate Song master! Are you ready to pop it all up?!

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Find out just how good you really are in the music scene! In Song Pop you will face off against your buddies to determine who is the real music whiz. First, you choose a category or a playlist and then You have to listen to random songs and then try to recognize them as fast as you can!

Ready to rock? Let’s Dance!

Identifying the songs is not enough! The whole idea behind Song Pop is to do is faster than your opponents. While you might dominate the categories you always listen to, what about taking on a real challenge and getting out of your comfort zone? You know, real music lover such as yourself should know his way around many music categories!

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