Song Pop Android

Android users have another exciting application to download and install on their device. Song Pop is a music trivia game that will test the player’s knowledge when it comes to music. Song Pop Android is available for free on Google Play’s site. But for more features, users may also opt for the premium version of the game. Song Pop music trivia premium has everything that the free version has and more. Instead of playing with just one opponent per game, players may play with more opponents. Music clips are longer and they have better sound quality. Furthermore, players can enjoy playing the game without ads.

After downloading the application, Android users must proceed with the installation to start playing the game. The application’s icon will show up on the home screen. Tapping the icon will launch the game window. There is an option to create a game on the upper part of the main game window. If you received challenges from other players, they will be listed under the create games button. Ongoing matches will also be listed. Players have the option to invite friends who are on Facebook by tapping on the Find Friends button. Accepting the challenge sent by an opponent will load the playlist that the creator chose. Clicking on the create button will give the option to choose the category of the game, as well as challenge a specific player.

There are basically six playlists available when the game is first played. Players need to earn coins to unlock other playlists. Categories range from classic to rock. Tracks will be played and players must guest the title or the singer, depending on what is being asked. Players do not necessarily need to be online at the same time to play the match. However, they will have the same set of questions. Their scores will then be compared once both played the game. Winning the game will not only earn players higher score and bragging rights, they will also gain 3 coins. But the losing player doesn’t need to feel sad as playing the game is a pleasure itself, plus a coin will be added to the user.

Aside from using the coins for unlocking more playlists, they can also be used for purchasing more gold note power ups. These gold note power ups are used to eliminate two wrong answers on the game. On every question, there will be an option at the bottom to remove two incorrect answers so that the player will only have two choices to select from. Players usually use a gold note when they are not confident about their answer on a specific track.

Those who can’t wait to unlock other playlists or those who would like to get more gold notes may purchase more coins by adding credits to their account. But this depends on the players as they can always play the game without spending cash. Those who love music and trivia games will be ecstatic to play this game, especially they can take it anywhere with them