Song Pop App

Music lovers are in for a great experience with Song Pop app. This application has a free and premium version for iOS and Android users. This can also be played online through Facebook. Those who would love to take the game anywhere they go and play it anytime they want may download the Song Pop application from the Internet. Android users can go to the Google Play website while iOS users can go to Apple’s apps store for the download. This will test the player’s music knowledge as questions about different genres of music will be given. The singer or the title of the song may be asked.

Download and install the application to start playing the game. If you chose to download the premium version, you can play with more than one opponent in a game. In the free version, each player is only allowed to challenge one opponent per game. The music clips are longer and they have higher quality. Most of all, you will be able to enjoy playing the game without advertisements. But if you can live with the advertisement, one opponent per challenge and shorter tracks, then the free application will be fine.

Once download and installation is complete, the Song Pop icon will show up on the home screen of the device. Tap the icon to start playing. When the game window shows up, there will be an option to create a game on top and a list of Song Pop friends at the bottom. The list at the bottom includes people who have played Song Pop before. Browse on the list and see if you want to challenge any of them. Tap the challenge button next to the person you want to challenge. Else, tap on the Create Game button to start your own game.

You will be given choices on how to find your opponents. They are through Facebook, e-mail, username and random. When other people challenged you, this will show up on the main menu. Click the Accept button next to the challenge that you want to play. This is how others will see your challenge on their end when you send them one. Pick the music category of the game. If you were sent the challenge, the person who created already picked the category on his end. There will be three categories on the list. If you want to get more playlists to choose from, tap on the Get More Playlist option. This will cost you some coins though. However, you can purchase more coins anytime you want.

The match will start and the tracks will be played for you. There are 4 choices to select from for every track question. Listen to the track and select the right answer to the question. If you are not sure on your answer, you have the option to remove 2 incorrect answers to narrow down your choices. This will make it easier to pick the right answer. Tap the option at the bottom of the choices that has a musical note. For instance, if you are being asked for the artist name, it will say “Remove 2 Artists”. If you won, you will get 3 coins. If not, you will still receive a coin